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The smart heart of your home 

bWise by Franklin – Smart home automation system

Listen to your home’s heart.

It’s worth it.

The bWise home automation system is your home’s smart heart. It helps you control and monitor the most important features of your home. With bWise you are able to control the lighting, heating and ventilation.

At the same time, you can monitor your electricity and water consumption and you’ll receive suggestions on how you can decrease your energy usage.


In the future you will be able to effortlessly book for example the apartment building’s communal sauna,

spa or gym through bWise.

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Make living smarter – and easier

bWise is the heart of your home, that knows, feels and senses what is going on in your home. It helps you understand your energy consumption and optimize your energy usage. The core of your home automation system is the bWise Dock, a wall-mounted tablet-like centralized user interface. 

One system, through which all of your home’s features can be controlled –right at your fingertips.  

Control of lighting and atmosphere

Create the perfect lighting for every mood and occasion. 

In bWise, you can set different lighting scenes or, alternatively adjust the lighting of each light fixture individually. 

Centralized temperature control

With bWise you can regulate the room temperature for each room separately. Simultaneously, you get an overview of your apartment’s heating. 

Overview of ventilation

Ventilation and air conditioning can also be controlled through bWise.

You can get an overview at a glance.


Energy and water consumption

With bWise you can monitor your energy and water consumption. You can compare your own consumption to the calculated median of an apartment like yours and get tips on how to reduce consumption.

Monitor your apartment’s indoor air quality

With bWise you receive real-time information about your apartment’s air quality. The app monitors the relative humidity and helps you keep track of the indoor air quality.

Coming soon: Access services in your apartment building

New features are constantly being created for bWise. In the future you can control the features of your home and have access the apartment building’s services through one single user interface.


bWise offered to you by Franklin 

Franklin is a youthful and growing pioneer within the electricity sector.


We design, implement and maintain modern electrical solutions of properties and buildings in a dynamic way. We believe in cooperation and our passion is to accomplish distinct property solutions that increase both the quality of life for the residents and the allure of the property.

We use the newest systems and products which match the requirements of energy efficient construction. 

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